Friday, August 22, 2008

Come to the Great Falls Farmers' Market Saturday

Saturday, August 23 -- that's tomorrow as I write this -- from 9am to 1pm, I'll be set up to sell paintings and drawings in my own booth at the Farmers' Market in the Great Falls Village Centre (Great Falls, VA 22066). That's on the corner of Walker Road and Georgetown Pike, across the street from the Safeway.

Husband, Randy, is framing away. I'm trying out different arrangements in the garage -- see pic -- and I hope to see you there! I'll even have my own produce section. In paint, that is.

This will be my second time at the Farmers' Market. The first time, I sold three paintings. I hope to top that.

Some of what you'll see there: a painting of L'Auberge Chez Francois, the huge still life "On the Chopping Block" that was in the Gallery 222 "Something Hot" show, "Home Again, Home Again" -- another huge still life, and other restaurant scenes that are soon to go into a solo show in Alexandria -- assuming you don't decide to take them home. There are scenes from around Great Falls including "Sidewalk Sale" and "Sisson Landscapes."

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