Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Best Parents

My mom and dad, Shonnie and Ken Johnson, are my best and most enthusiastic supporters. They pop in at all my many, many art events; pass on news to everyone they know (lots of people); and just clearly show how proud they are of me, of what I've done and how I've gotten here on a daily basis. They've decorated art spaces, helped hang shows, booth sat, chauffered models to and from my class, picked up and delivered paintings to shows, carried around photos of my work, catered show openings, purchased my paintings, set up still lifes (my dad's special role), and on and on. They pass on all the positive messages they receive from people who admire my work. I have a team promoting what I do -- and my parents are the head cheerleaders. It feels really good.

There have been lots of hurdles, rejections, hard times, questioning moments, etc. on the road toward establishing myself as an artist. Having my parents' unwavering support has helped me put all those things in perspective and to celebrate each accomplishment as it's occurred.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!! I love you.

The image shown above is a red and white chalk drawing on treated paper that I did of my dad. I definitely need to paint the two of them together.

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