Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmastime Special Deliveries

Commissioned Portrait, oil, 10"h x 8"w, ©2016 Jill Banks

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Husband Randy, my Mom and Dad and daughter Sarah went on a one-day roadtrip to visit granddaughter Emma who was celebrating her first Christmas. What a joy to be with all -- including son Sam, daughter-in-law, Michelle and Michelle's family. Doesn't get much better than that.

En route and while there I was getting messages that all those gifts that I'd painted were being so joyously received.

The commissioned portrait of a young boy was one of those gifts ... given by his aunt to the boy's mother.

Another couple ... who have quite a few of my paintings ... now have two more with the husband and wife buying (secretly) each other an original piece. One ("The Water Tester")
"The Water Tester," oil, 12"h x 24"w, ©2016 Jill Banks. Private collection
was delivered to the wife's office on Thursday morning.  The second ("Campo Santa Maria del Giglio") was picked up by the husband on Thursday afternoon at our home.  Pretty funny to know what might be happening at Christmas morn at their house. Insider info.

"Campo Santa Maria del Giglio," oil 12"h x 16"w, ©2016 Jill Banks. Private collection
More like this happened elsewhere ... with the "Tea Reader" joyfully received in its new home.

I loved being part of it.

"Tea Reader," oil, 30"h x 30"w, ©2016 Jill Banks. Private collection.
And for those of you who read on an earlier post that I was one painting shy of my goal for the year ... not any longer. Turns out I was well ahead before, just a math error ... but with all this last minute giving ... Thank YOU for making this a super year in SO MANY Ways including all those art purchases.

More painting starts are under way.  Fun in the studio!

I do have a solo show coming up in January in Great Falls, Virginia. A reception date is tentatively planned for January 28. Please make sure you're subscribed to my email newsletter on my web site: to get word and hopefully, you'll pass it on. There won't be a snail mail postcard this time and the reception date will not be finalized until late January. You'll get other news about the exhibit here.

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Stay safe and warm out there! Thank you for reading and your support...

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

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