Monday, November 3, 2014

Top Ten Paintings ... For You?

One thing I’ve realized in my now decade-plus artist career is that you collectors are a very astute bunch.  While I work hard to make sure that all the choices given – at every show, exhibit, on my web site – are sound, high quality art … you still manage to cull the best, pick my favorites.  How do you manage that?

So many wonderful pieces have left the “nest” this year. It’s astounding. It’s been a real joy to welcome many new collectors this year. (Thank you!) Existing collectors keep careful track of my work and consistently add more “Jill Banks originals” to their walls. (Thank you!) Others have been a bit quieter lately – allowing others around the country their chance to keep me busy and the shelves full of paint and canvases, my travel and inspiration itinerary full while enjoying their new art acquisitions.

"Warm Studio," one of the top ten
Back to those favorites getting plucked.  I decided to compile my top ten list of paintings that are still available to be selected by you.  I think the designation of top ten is enough, too, so these aren’t ranked beyond that honor. All are in oil, either on stretched linen or linen-lined board.  Prices do not include tax … and are subject to change without notice. (Except, here is notice. Prices will be increasing in February 2015.)

   I love a whole lot more.
"Garden Girl": another top ten, headed to the Art League tomorrow
Okay, listing just ten was rough.

I don’t really think about criteria when selecting my favorites. I’ve lived with each of these and know what it feels like to see them every day.  They are happy sights to wake up to, pass by, catch my glance over and over again. They demand attention, hold my interest, brighten my (already terrific) life.

All that being said, I’d still love for YOU to have them. Since I have the benefit of being a LIVING artist, when one of my favorites leaves my home to bring joy to yours – I set off on a path to recreate that feeling in paint, wherever, whenever it can be found.

More pictures may follow – check back on my blog ( a little later. And, take a look around my web site to see (or tell me) how you would modify this list. Would you?

Events and Exhibits
  • November 3-December 1: Large Works Show, Art League, Alexandria, VA. "Garden Girl" chosen as one of 16 works for this exhibit (out of 80 entries)
  • Ongoing: Visit the studio I share with 14 other artists at the Artists’ Atelier, Great Falls, VA open Wed. and Sat., 12- 4pm
  • Jan.-Feb. 2015: Solo Exhibit, ArtSpace Herndon, Herndon, VA
  • See the Events page for more info/updates
Thanks for reading!


PS. And since I'm into selecting the best today ... my favorite art book of all time is Richard Schmid's Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting -- And More.  The Second, Expanded Edition just was retrieved from my mailbox. (We're home!)  Can't wait to read and treasure it.  You can order your own copy from

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