Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last Day of the Paint with Me in Italy Workshop

"Alba Market," oil, 12"h x 16"w, ©Jill Banks 2014. Painted live in Alba, Italy's Saturday market
Before I rave about the beauty of Italy, kudos to trying to do anything on the Internet in the United States. I can feel myself aging just thinking about creating a blog post overseas. It is ... very ... very ... tough.

Tonight's dinner at Profumo di Vino in Treiso, Italy. We look pretty happy, yes?
Early tomorrow am, the nine truly beautiful individuals (plus Manu and Mary Beth and many more) who filled my life this last week head back home and onto other destinations.  Randy and I have a short bit of extra time here before flying back to finish our move into our new house. We will treasure every moment.

The Mayor of Treiso invited us to show our paintings in the chapel. This is half of them. More to come.
This morning, we headed to Alba -- for workshoppers to do as they pleased. Shop, sketch, watch me paint or check in from time to time. I was capturing the market ... live, in paint.

I will remember today.

I will remember being in the market, in a foreign land that becomes familiar -- mine -- because, through art, I choose to be a part of it. I get to take it home with me.

Dorry on her Great Italian Adventure ... on a Vespa with Manu
Francesco, one of my two subjects (along with his wife Anna Maria) in my market painting -- offered Randy and me slices of watermelon. Teased his wife (in Italian) that the painting just included him (as the star). Visitors wanted to buy it (it is not yet for sale as it will be the basis for a larger studio painting back home). It was A#1. Thumbs up. Bella!

According to Manu, two men who were looking at it from behind me while I painted were disturbed that my head was blocking their view.

Today is at the culmination of a week that to coin Christine's phrase is BETTER than a dream come true.

I hope, that with technology on my side, once home -- that more pictures worth a thousand words can be shared. Trying it here would wear me out.

So for now, friends, Ciao!

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