Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"French Miss" Purple Doll in Progress

"French Miss" work in progress, oil, 30"h x 24"w, ©Jill Banks 2013
Even though the title's in this post's heading, it's still up for grabs. In the meantime ... "French Miss" is today's first day of still life class' demo plus five hours. During the demo, I mentioned that this is my favorite time painting -- day one, starting something new. Plus, the set up was inspiring.

Yesterday, I'd asked my Mom and Dad if I could raid their condo for objects ... preferably in the purples and violets. In half an hour, or by the time I got over there, two pretty in purple options were laid out on their dining room table. This is of one of those, modified with part of the the second (the silver teapot). Plus, flowers, a peach and some plums from Whole Foods.

Despite having to be, hopefully, peppy for the first day of my Plein Air Landscape painting class, I faced a common dilemma. I didn't want to stop.

She's a French miss since the doll was purchased for my Mom from Dad in the French village that was home to her grandfather. They'd visited Sweden to see where my Dad's family came from ... and France to do the same for my Mom's.

Paint Herndon This Weekend
"Fresh Bread" won 1st Place Honors in Paint Herndon 2012
Last year I enjoyed painting during Paint Herndon, a plein air event -- capturing the town. "Fresh Bread" earned First Prize.

This time around work does not need to be done in plein air, but it can be. (That's how I hope artists work.) I also won't be painting in it this year -- but will be teaming up with Lori Goll, a fellow exhibitor in the "Menagerie" show, to judge the entries in the kids, teen and adult categories.

Here's the scoop on Paint Herndon:
Held on Saturday, September 21, it is a celebration of the arts and the anniversary of the opening of ArtSpace Herndon (750 Center Street, Herndon, VA). The painting competition is designed in the spirit of a "day painting" competition and challenges artists to create works of art in a short period of time.

It's open to all artists.

3 divisions, each with their own cash prizes.

Adult Competition open to all adults and teens aged 16 and older. Prizes will be awarded for the Old Town Herndon award ($300), first place ($300), second place ($200) and third place ($100).

The Teen Competition is open to all teens aged 12 to 17. A grand prize of $50 and other honors will be awarded.

The Youth Competition is open to all youths aged 8 to 11. A grand prize of $50 and other honors will be awarded.

Canvases must be stamped to be eligible for the competition. Check here for more info, important dates and details: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e7tyia8r6b6d428f&llr=uhpd6pcab

Best of luck, all ... and happy painting!

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Lots -- see the events page on my website.  Thanks!

ArtSpace Herndon
750 Center Street
Herndon, VA
13 original oils on view.

117 Church Street
Frederick, MD
13 original works on view on the 3rd floor, end of the hallway in this extreme pop-up gallery.
September 4 to October 5. Open Wednesdays through Sundays.
Coffee Break Solo Show at 
Greenberry's Coffee & Tea
6839 Redmond Drive, McLean, VA 22101
(703) 821-9501
Exhibit of six paintings including "Two Kittens," "Traffic Patterns," "Primary Colors," "Coffee or Tea?," "Cup of Tea," and "Not Picasso." Through September 15.

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