Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Plein Air on the Farm

"Arborside," oil on Centurion linen, 6"h x 8"w, ©Jill Banks 2013
Day two of my landscape class was pretty darn glorious.

I squeezed in a teeny-tiny painting of one of the outbuildings on Laura's farm ... in between making the rounds over the field.

Scene from the day
Highlights of the day included Francie saying this is one of her favorite days painting ever and seeing some lightbulbs go on in tackling this very trying task of painting outdoors. Francie set herself up close to the ingenious portable chicken coup all day ... enjoying all the shenanigans.  Finally ... at the end of the class session I went down to join her and then she took a walk around the back only to see the absolute most perfect painting to be.

I think the title's a little funny. Perhaps that's the Eliza Doolittle in me.

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