Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Toad and Tulips" Finished

"Toad and Tulips," oil, 36"h x 30"w, copyright Jill Banks 2013

This one ("Toad and Tulips") took awhile ... but I guess it looks like it would. The tulips have long ago been tossed (what was left of them) and the plants have grown, faded some, moved.  So, it was time to wrap it up. The book -- "The Judgment of Paris" by Ross King -- shown tucked in behind and between the parakeet and container of tulips, was my main "job" for the day.  Now the setup will be taken down and I can start reading the book.  It's been funny painting it -- wondering about the story inside. I'll be adding this image to my web site ( ... but you can take a look at more still life paintings in that collection by clicking on "Works."

The photo's not great. I keep taking them quickly. No tripod. Not the best lighting. To be fixed, sometime soon.

Opportunities Knocking
While nothing is definite, my speaking engagements from two weeks' ago (to the League of Reston Artists and the Prince William Art Society) have spurred offers for workshops and exhibits. (Plus elicited lots of really nice comments.) I thoroughly enjoy giving talks (/teaching). Each one is a chance to share a natural abundance of enthusiasm (a gift from my Mom and Dad) and hopefully inspire others.

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