Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Tribute

"Granddaddy" portrait of my father-in-law, Drate Banks
As I've said before, sometimes life as an artist is ... just life.

On Friday morning, March 22, my father-in-law, Drate H. Banks, passed away.  Drate was all about family -- and I'm lucky enough to be a part of his.  I remember hearing -- that people often commented that they wanted to come back as one of Drate's boys.  The same could be said about being one of his daughter-in-laws, or grandkids, or wife, or friend.  He always made it clear how much you meant to him -- and just lit up with family around.

Strange point, but I remember going with Randy and his Mom and Dad's to Captain Pell's Crab Shack in Fairfax -- to order, what else -- but crabs. Randy's dad spent the whole meal picking out the crabmeat for me to eat. That was pretty darn nice and a sure sign of kind gestures to come.

He was also there in the cheering section for our kids' sports events, endless rounds of golf for Sam, bowling tournaments for Sam and Sarah, Sarah's softball games, t-ball.

My sister-in-law Cindy mentioned something on Friday -- that in all the years she'd known Drate -- he had never chosen sides (between her husband Vardaman and her.) That's remarkable -- and true, too, with Randy and me.  The add-ons (like Cindy, me, grandkid spouses and friends) didn't have to be born into the family to be part of it -- he welcomed all of us with welcome arms.

Randy's Dad has been a huge part of our lives -- but even more so in the three years since his Mom passed away.  Randy and his Dad have been lunch buddies many times a week for years. Once, I think, Drate indicated he felt guilty to take up so much of Randy's time.  Randy's response was -- what would he (Drate) have given to have those chances to spend that time with his father.  Like father, like son. Both treasure the same important things in life.

We will miss his wonderful company and nature ... but he left us with plenty of wonderful memories to cherish.  I also know that he's content with a life lived beautifully and sharing the rest of eternity with his wife, Mary Blake. 

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So sorry about Randy's dad. I tried to vote again but was told I had already voted. Shucks!