Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Garden Girl" and I: Day 3

"Garden Girl" work in progress - Day 3, oil, 42"h x 36"w, copyright Jill Banks 2012
I'm making progress.  Here "Garden Girl" -- the star of the still life setup designed by my Dad -- is on the third day we "spent together."

The canvas is big.  The set-up is complicated (it's very easy to get lost).  Yet, it's coming together. Good thing.  The hydrangeas are beginning to droop and strawberries are turning. I'm doing everything I can to outpace the "fading" factor.

Randy has been catching up on my art inventory for a good part of the day -- with a ways to go.  With lots of paintings going to their new homes over the past couple of months, that's quite a challenge. It also meant he came into the studio multiple times today -- while I was painting away -- and he didn't even glance at the canvas until the last visit.  I was expecting some sort of reaction.  When he did look at it, the comment was that I really might finish it someday.

Last night I sent out the December "News from the Easel" email newsletter.  The gist of it was to urge folks to sign up for January classes and to share a look back at 2012 through the paintings created on various art trips.  If you didn't get the newsletter, you can look at the archive on my web site: and I'd love it if you would subscribe.  The frequency is about one every two months or so. 

"White Dove of the Desert," oil, 12"h x 16"w, Jill Banks 2012 (sold)
And, today, one more painting was claimed by a collector.  "White Dove of the Desert" -- of the San Xavier Mission in Tucson, Arizona -- will be heading away come 2013. Following along with this year's trend -- "White Dove's" new owner is exactly who I'd want to enjoy it. It means the most to her!

Registration is going on now at the Great Falls School of Art for classes that start mid-January.  Make 2013 an artful one! Sign up now. Go to my web site:, classes page for more information on my offerings. If anyone would like a weekly calendar of class offerings (there are sixteen in all for the Winter term), email me -- and I'll send you a pdf.


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