Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two Painting Starts Today: Open Grisaille

Instead of doing a painting a day today, I started two intended for my solo show at the Great Falls Library this coming Summer. I'm still working through my overall theme ... but I know that the majority of the show will be of interiors/exteriors of restaurants and bustling streets. The places and atmosphere and times that I love. I plan to continue starting canvas after canvas before continuing on. This has proven in the past to be a good learning process and great way to build a cohesive body of work. It's also easy to see early on which pieces will be the most successful.

These two were painted on different types of canvas supports. The interior scene that's just painted in reddish brown (no other colors) is painted on a Senso linen canvas. This has been my favorite surface for awhile because it has the perfect tooth (texture to catch the paint) from start to finish. The outdoor street scene (a New York City night scene) is painted on a double-primed linen-lined Raymar panel. Those are very tough to work on during the first session because they don't absorb the paint and it slides around. So, my only job with that one today was to put some paint on all over the surface so that the next layer has something to adhere to.

The reddish brown interior scene is done in an open grisaille (single color painting of just the darks in the scene) -- a technique I learned many years ago during a workshop at Studio Incamminati up in Philadelphia. It is a common way for me to start a painting -- no matter what the subject matter.

In starting, I am not concerned with developing a refined drawing, just getting down a roadmap to guide me when I proceed to full color.

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