Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Scene At the Bar" Latest Painting

"Scene At the Bar," oil, 24"h x 18"w, ©2016 Jill Banks
There were two main impetuses behind starting and finishing "Scene At a Bar."

I'd read the news of artist Ken Auster's passing. He was known for capturing many different subjects, but I identified with his works set in cafés and bars.  When delivering paintings to a collector who purchased "Seat by the Window: Montmartre" (among others), I found out that "Seat By the Window" was headed to another home to keep company with his collection of Ken Auster's works. It's final destination, apparently was the "Bar" House.

The second nudge/shove to start this canvas was the painting that just wouldn't "behave." The only hope to save that attempt is to set it aside for awhile. Perhaps the next string of paintings will suddenly guide me in how to proceed.  I at least know where my trouble began. Look for that lesson when/if I finally call that one finished.

"Scene At the Bar" is worth seeing.  I'm difficult to please lately ... but this passes the test. Not without persistence, though.

"Late Night Saloon," oil, 30"h x 24"w, ©2015 Jill Banks. Private collection
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Threaded With Green Biannual Quilt Show at ArtSpace Herndon
Do go see the fiber/quilt exhibit at ArtSpace Herndon at 105 Center Street, Herndon, Virginia before it concludes on February 14.  Randy and I took a long look this past week and it is wonderful. Get more info on ArtSpace Herndon's web site here:

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