Friday, February 19, 2016

Painting Connections

"Alta Quality" work in progress, oil, 20"h x 16"w, ©2016 Jill Banks
Why Did I Paint That?

As I make the rounds around the classroom, a frequent question posed is "What drew you to this scene?"  I've set up multiple still lifes for students to choose from. They choose the still life that most appeals to them then concentrate on some aspect, select a composition from there. Why? Colors, pattern, subject material, contrast, drama, tension, light?

In just starting "Alta Quality" -- which has a ways to go -- I knew my answer was my most common one. I paint (mainly) human connections/relationships. Subject material does matter. In this case, my subject was a scene from a market day in San Gimignano, Italy. I like the idea of a routine that brings people together. This woman was a regular in a town drawing droves of tourists. Casual and intimate connections at the same time.

In painting it, I also realized what draws me to Italy in general.  No matter where I've gone there, a constant are the conversations struck among the regulars ... on the street, in the markets, in cafés. Time is not money. Time is time.

Update on My Dad
Wednesday was back surgery day ... and it went well.  At 85, with five surgeries in eight months, he's doing remarkably well. There's pain, the fog of medicines and surgery and a recovery ahead ... again ... but with a huge loving, cheerleading, praying squad on his side, Dad's counting his blessings. He's one of mine!

Coming Up
March 1-31: Solo Show at Katie's Coffee in the Old Brogue Irish Pub in Great Falls, VA. More info to come.

Spring Classes -- Open for Registration
This term's line-up includes Evening Paint, Still Life Plus and Plein Air Landscape Painting offered through the Arts of Great Falls in Great Falls, VA. As usual, class size is limited and spaces fill rapidly. Tuesday classes start on April 5. Plein Air on Thursdays starts on April 21.  Hope you'll sign up!

"Back Story," oil, 40"h x 30"w, ©2016 Jill Banks chosen for the FAV15 in the BoldBrush competition.
"Back Story" Chosen as FAV15 in the January BoldBrush Painting Contest

Each month, the Fine Art Views Jury chooses their favorite entries from the hundreds submitted. Glad to have "Back Story" make the list.

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Marilyn said...

Wonderful painting! When you walk into San Gimignano, is this the first cafe, market on the left hand side of the street? If it is we had a latte and pastry when we arrived there Nov. last year.