Monday, November 23, 2015

Home Studio Open House ... Some Early Ho, Ho, Ho!

"Red Head" (Rooster), oil, 6"h x 6"w, ©2015 Jill Banks (A Giverny chicken painted today -- post party)
Yesterday ... all day ... Randy and I hosted Collectors and Students for my annual special thank you party for as the folks who help me continue doing what I love -- create art -- through their support. It was fantastic although I did miss many of you whose Thanksgiving or family plans didn't agree with my unusually early date.  For all those who made it or wished/tried to be here, Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

What Was Chosen

"Mercato," (Venice, Italy), oil, 30"h x 24"w, ©2015 Jill Banks. Private collection
Ten paintings went off to or are being delivered to their good new homes.
  1. "Mercato" from Venice, Italy
  2. "Little Miss" painted while spending the weekend  in my parents' condo
  3. "Once Upon a Time" of one of the setups from my Still Life Plus class
  4. "Rocky Shores" from Monterey, California
  5. "Red, White and Blue Rooster" from Kidwell Farm, Herndon, VA
  6. "Top Chicken" from Kidwell Farm, Herndon, VA
  7. "Caramel-Colored Cow" from Kidwell Farm, Herndon, VA
  8. "Our Lady of St. Patrick's" painted in Mystic, CT
  9. "Pool View" -- my demo painting the first night of my plein air workshop in Treiso, Italy
  10. "Geraniums" -- one of my first paintings created in La Morra, Italy getting ready for the workshop
"Little Miss," oil, 10"h x 8"w, ©2015 Jill Banks. Private collection
Guests were greeted happily at the door (by son Sam and daughter-in-law Michelle) to sign in, get a name tag and be handed "the list" -- essentially a map going room by room throughout the three floors of our home, with numbers corresponding to the paintings and drawings hung, propped, positioned all over the house. Plenty of tasty refreshments were there if they needed sustenance. Invitees could come any time, stay as long as they like and invite art buddies of their own (or come alone). Favorites get circled, talked about and many are still being placed on their wish lists.

Part of the fun is seeing the work in a home setting. One of the comments I received -- many times -- is that guests were surprised to see how well the house looked with so much artwork. (It does!) I'm definitely not a one wall, one painting sort of gal.

"Once Upon a Time," oil, 12"h x 12"w, ©2015 Jill Banks. Private collection.
I will add to this post -- or to another tomorrow photos from this great event plus photos of the rest of the art that's now residing in new homes.

I didn't take any pictures while people were here (never even thought about it) but did last night after the last guests headed home.

After so many days of planning and preparing for the party, it was great to spend the whole afternoon painting at my easel. Yea! "Red Head" shown above is just one of several chickens that made it onto and then off my easel.

Consider this post ... TO BE CONTINUED. Visit again!

Winter classes are now up on my web site. Take a look!  I'll be teaching a Portrait Painting/Drawing class this January on
"Rocky Shores," oil, 12"h x 16"w, ©2015 Jill Banks. Private collection.
Sunday afternoons, Still Life Plus (Personal Painting Projects on Tuesdays - 10:30am to 1:30pm and Evening Paint on Tuesday nights - 6:30 to 9:30pm through the Arts of Great Falls School in Great Falls, VA. Classes are filling. I hope you'll sign up soon and start the New Year 2016 off right -- with art.

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Open House -- post party
December 3-6: One Of A Kind Show and Sale, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL. Visit me in Booth #1132.  Help me spread the word to anyone you think might be interested in coming to the show.  Thank you!!!

One view of the Open House, this in our dining room -- photo by husband Randy -- one of very few taken with guests.  

More to come -- just not today.

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