Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Along the Way" Is Up ... Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

A portion of my "Along the Way" solo exhibit hung today ... www.JillBanks.com

There's more to talk about than time.

Tuesday was show-hanging day for a lot of us.  At at least one minute before the 10:30am deadline I arrived at the Atelier with my painting for the USGS show of works by Great Falls Studios Artists with my accepted work "Seaside Sunset" so it could be whisked off and hung.

Then, it was time to hang my solo exhibit "Along the Way" at the Great Falls Library. This is something like the sixth time I've presented my work there ... a la "just ME" and it's always been a terrific venue -- drawing a very appreciative audience.

This year, I was worried. A previous trip to the library made me less than excited to plan the exhibit. It's the meeting room in a town without a community center. There are lots and lots of chairs and benches and tables and stuff.  It's not a gallery ... but I like that. Still, I wanted visitors to be able to approach my paintings, really see and enjoy them.

I'm not usually the squeaky wheel. But years of well-appreciated, successful exhibits in this venue encouraged me to call on the kind hearts in the Great Falls Library family to transform a room
This is my studio. And, I was worried about "clutter" in the Great Falls Library. Better get to work.
that was really cluttered and art-unfriendly into a venue where I'm extremely happy to be displaying my art. The room looks beautiful, inviting and I couldn't be happier with the way the exhibit looks in this multi-purpose, welcoming facility.

I didn't hang precisely to plan and my Online Version of "Along the Way" has been updated to reflect reality. Check it out on my web site: www.JillBanks.com. (If you'd taken a look before, check back now.)

"Baa" was purchased by a Weaver. How cool is that?
Shadyside Update

Shadyside was great! Three paintings went to good homes. We caught up with my husband Randy's college roommate and wife who we'd last seen at our wedding ... a LOT of years ago. I'm still full of all the conversations, people met. This is an intensely personal journey.

Mom and Dad

Priorities don't always follow written order. On Monday, August 31, my Dad had his second back surgery within a two-month span ... to hopefully cure tremendous pain.  It's wait and see ... tough ... but he was awfully quick with jokes and made us laugh a LOT post-surgery.

September 3 -- marks my parents' 65th wedding anniversary.  This probably isn't exactly what they might have planned for as a way to celebrate -- with Dad in recovery for surgery, on pain meds -- but they show me every day what those wedding vows and true love are all about.  After a month and a half and two surgeries and lots of difficulties with all time spent in rehab or the hospital, my Dad was very worried that he hadn't gotten flowers to celebrate the day. This was tops on his mind. Randy and I nervously picked out the flowers for him (my parents were florists when first married) and they will be in whatever room they are in tomorrow on their big day.

I am constantly reminded that if I mess up in life, marriage, parenting, happiness, love, friendship ... you name it, there's only one person to blame. I have certainly been blessed with the most beautiful of role models. I try like heck to do justice to this wonderful gift.

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"Down By the Seashore" was snatched up at Shadyside. I LOVE this painting!
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