Friday, May 15, 2015

Don't Say You'd Like to Paint Their House

"Hung Out To Dry," oil, 20"h x 16"w, copyright Jill Banks 2015
Part of today (Friday)was spent clearing up a misconception. Wanting to paint his/her house didn't mean I was getting out the scaffolding. My inquiry wasn't helped by being preceded by a man from Honduras who DID want to get out the paint and rollers and brushes and go to town on the facade.

Painting "Hung Out to Dry" in Wayne Plein Air
I did get the okay. The house was a supporting actress (or actor) to the colorful laundry that caught my eye from the street. Added to that was a girl relaxing in a hammock. Another long, grueling, perfect day listening to rooster "music" while I painted away. Tomorrow am is the last official painting portion of Wayne Plein Air and then there's the Gala Reception Saturday night. By then, five paintings of mine will hang in the main gallery, three more were added today for the hallway galleries and one or two more will join them by early afternoon. My collection is an eclectic bunch -- a sign of being torn in many different directions. To repeat one of my own quotes, "I paint what I love. I just love a lot."

I sure appreciate all the folks who invited or allowed me to paint on their beautiful properties this week. A huge special thanks to my host family, Wendy and Larry Liss, who offered bedroom, bathroom, a house filled with art for inspiration, wonderful coffee, homemade granola, an easel and table to use for finishing touches and tons more! Thanks!!!!!

Again, more later. Time to wind down.

Call for Artists
So if you, too, enjoy plein air painting, consider registering for Paint Great Falls! (Great Falls VA) to capture the town from May 28 to 30.  Registration is now open at (This is in addition to the Quick Draw on May 31.)

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May 12-16:  Wayne Plein Air, Wayne and Philadelphia, PA. Juried as one of 30 artists nationwide to paint the area.
May 30-31: Art on the Green and Paint Great Falls, Outdoor Art Show (under a tent) and plein air competition and exhibit, Great Falls, VA
June 5-7: Rittenhouse Square: The Original Art Show, Philadelphia, PA. Sunday, June 7: I'll be the official demoist at the show at 1pm.
June 18-21: VA Beach Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach, VA. Visit my booth right on the boardwalk.
June 29-July 5: Telluride Plein Air, Telluride, CO.  Juried as one of 32 artists who will spend the week painting this very cool town lined with Victorian houses, bustling street against a gorgeous mountainous backdrop.
July 11-12: Wickford Art Festival, Wickford, RI
July 18-19: Westport Fine Arts Festival, Westport, CT
August 8-9: Mystic Seaport Outdoor Art Festival, Mystic, CT
September 20 & 21: Alexandria King Street Festival, Alexandria, VA
December 3-6: One Of A Kind Show & Sale, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL

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