Sunday, October 5, 2008

New York, New York

Randy and I had an amazing time in NY this weekend. We thought we were driving back last night -- but we were sleepy -- so spent an extra night on the trek back in Elkton, MD.

The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club show at the National Arts Club is fantastic. During the reception, in typical style, I probably over-asserted myself. Some very well-dressed man was talking to others (females) in his group about what a great show it was, and commented that (amazingly) all of the pieces were created by women. I interjected that "yes, we can paint, too." I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it, and I'm sure I couldn't help myself. There are extraordinary pieces there, and anyone with a full checkbook in New York, who appreciates art, should surely put this on their "must-see" list. The art is truly great, plus diversified.

We went to the reception on Friday night -- which was packed and grand. I thought, somehow, that I would meet everyone I needed to meet to succeed in the art world that one night. That wasn't the case, but I enjoyed every minute, anyway. Just being in NYC was terrific. There is a special energy, and the city is nothing if not supremely paintable. Plus, it felt fantastic to be a part of such a special event.

So many people admired my "Tea with Anne". This painting is strictly about the subject, Anne Heilman, who takes center stage with such aplomb. I spoke to one appreciative couple -- and mentioned that Anne has many friends in New York -- and they said, "well, now she can count two more." As far as I can tell, she can count many, many more.

"Tea with Anne," a portrait of Anne Heilman won the Cassidy Memorial Fund -- a great honor.

Randy and I didn't take photos during the Friday reception, but came back on Saturday to try again. We actually walked to the National Arts Club from our hotel (about 2 miles) Saturday am, only to be told it wouldn't be open until 1pm. Randy also found out it closed at 6. So, we taxied back to the hotel, checked out, went to some galleries (Coda, Arcadia and Eleanor Ettinger) in Soho, ate a late lunch and headed back to the National Arts Club before exploring the Met.

So, we get to the National Arts Club and find out that they are setting up for a wedding where the paintings are being displayed. The lobby had other visitors waiting, too. Randy and I explained that we were there just to photograph my painting that was on display. One of the other visitors asked my name and said that she was here to look at the same painting. It was Anne Heilman's daughter, Miriam, there with a friend and two of Anne's grandsons -- all there to see "Tea with Anne"! After awhile, the manager of the National Arts Club, let us sneak up to take these shots. One's with me, and the other is with Anne's daughter and grandsons. Anne's calmly sipping tea, above the fray.

Miriam added a comment to my blog about "Tea with Anne" winning an award. I view art as some grand circle that involves all of us. "Tea with Anne" certainly fits that mold.

"Tea with Anne", 24"h x 18"w, oil on linen-lined board, copyright Jill Banks 2007 is available for sale through me, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club during this Exhibition. Please contact me via email: or by cell: 703-403-7435.

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