Monday, November 11, 2013

"Jardin de Montmartre" Finished

"Jardin de Montmartre," oil, 24"h x 36"w, ©Jill Banks 2013
I've had the sneaking suspicion that my pile of unfinished canvases has grown larger than ever. To check out the premise, I lined the walls of our downstairs foyer with pieces to complete.  I wasn't even doing any heavy digging -- just collecting those pieces relatively recently begun that held promise.  Guess how many lined the walls?



"Jardin de Montmartre" wasn't in the hallway -- but it was the first piece to be finished (two days ago).  Many more await. Another was finished today.

Young Fan
Last week, I was in the classroom getting ready to teach my Portrait Painting Workshop. A young student walked in -- there for her class (taught by another instructor) that had been canceled that day.  While sorting out whether or not class really was canceled -- and contacting her parents for pick-up, we shared a fun conversation. She offered to help me set up.

We went upstairs to the Atelier to get a vase for the roses I brought in ... and while there, she picked up some brochures from the gallery. One of them was mine.

She asked my name. She LOVES my work!!! She's a huge fan. That was about as nice a surprise as possible. 

Sign Up Now
I'm offering two classes and a workshop come January. The holidays turn us into messes.  Before they take over all your energies, take a look at my classes page. Follow the links to sign up.

Choose from "Portrait Painting" taught on Sundays, 1:30 to 5:30pm (I'm looking for models, too), "Still Life Painting in Oils" taught on Tuesdays, 10am to 1pm and a special workshop "Mastering the Business of Art" on January 4 & 5 (Saturday and Sunday), 2 to 5pm both days.

Young Super Star
There's nothing like getting an email notification from Ben Gaiarin -- cool young guy (16) whose a culinary superstar -- to remind me that I got to my life's passion a bit later.  Ben (who sat for my 100 Faces in 100 Days project) just launched BenGusto Dining -- a catering company founded and run by the under 18 set. His blog is amazing. Incredible recipes, writing, photography. Food Network? Catch him NOW if you can.

Big congrats to Ben!

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Saturday and Sunday, December 14 & 15, 10am - 5pm both days. 35 artists exhibiting at a new location: Wolftrap's Education Hall, 1645 Trap Road, Vienna, VA 22182.  I'll be there! No refreshments this time ... but plenty of art and good cheer!  Please help spread the word!

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